Storage Features and Amenities

Finding the Storage Features That Matter Most 

Knowing what you are getting from your secure storage facility, as with most things in life, is critical to making the final decision. We are going to walk through common storage features, and tips to get the unit you need. Additionally, we have a few specialty features at select facilities. In this section, you will find information on all the amenities that NSA Storage has to offer. 

Types of Storage Units

Indoor Storage Units:

Refers to any storage unit that exists inside a central facility. Access to indoor storage units might have certain restrictions in place to ensure the security of our customers. Check our facility webpage or with the facility manager for more information.

Units contained within a central storage facility offer the greatest protection from the elements and keep your belongings the safest that they can be. Indoor storage makes sense if you live in a location that sees a lot of rain or other precipitation.

Outdoor Storage Units:

These may also be referred to as drive-up access storage units and refers to any unit that can be easily accessed. These units are typically cheaper than a comparable indoor unit, they also offer less protection than an indoor unit provides. These units are recommended when heavy or bulky items need to be stored due to the ease of access by car or truck. Outdoor storage offers a great solution for businesses who may need to load and unload their goods with great frequency.  

Climate Controlled Units:

Climate controlled storage units allow customers the peace of mind knowing that their belongings will be impervious to wild temperature swings. These units most frequently exist between a preset temperature range.

Things like computers, electronics, wood furniture and art pieces should be kept in climate control storage. This helps provide an extra level of protection and keeps your items in the best shape possible. Climate control units tend to be a bit more expensive than non climate controlled units.

Learn more about climate controlled storage units. 

Vehicle Parking:

Vehicles from motorcycles to trucks need a place to be safe when out of use. Ranging from a change in seasonality to simply needing some repairs. We proudly offer covered parking to help keep your vehicle as safe as possible from the elements.

Learn more about vehicle storage.

Car and Motorcycle Storage 

Options for storing smaller vehicles like cars and motorcycles are plentiful. These options range from conventional outdoor parking spaces to a large storage unit to fully protect the vehicle from the elements.

RV and Boat Storage:

These refer to parking options available for large or abnormally shaped vehicles, such as boats and RVs. Parking for RV and boats ranges from covered to uncovered. Some facilities may offer indoor storage options, but this is not common.

Ease of Use

Month-to-Month Leases:

To make sure that our customers don’t have to pay for time that they do not plan on using, we offer month-to-month leases. Pay for the months that you need storage with no long term commitment. 

No Money Down: 

No deposits necessary to rent a unit. Pay only the rent for the month. No hidden fees, no contracts, only the service that you are paying for. 

Truck Rental Available:

To help you through this transition, many locations offer truck rentals. Whether you are moving into storage or out of the state, we want to help make your move as simple and easy as possible. Talk to your facility manager to reserve a truck size and a time to pick up your truck. 

Wide Aisles:

There is nothing quite as bad as having to make multiple trips to your car or truck to load the storage unit. Many of our properties have wide aisles. This allows trucks easy navigation of the aisles, and allows you to park right outside your drive-up unit.

Safety Features

Fully Fenced Perimeter:

A fully fenced perimeter means that the facility has an additional safeguard against outside intruders. This fence encloses the facility providing an extra layer of security from intruders. Fully fenced facilities often feature gate code access which helps to further restrict who may access the facility and when. We offer extended gate hours for our customers to ensure that they can reach their belongings when it matters most to them. 

Individualized Gate Code Access:

Gate code access requires a code entered in during gate hours in order to access the storage facility. This code is personalized to each customer, which allows the facility to know who was coming at what time. Customers receive their gate code at the time of lease and can have their code reset should they lose or forget it.

Well Lit Facilities

Our facilities are well-lit to provide the best possible access experience for our customers who arrive after sundown or before sunrise. This helps serve as an extra level of security as any unauthorized access can be immediately recognized, recorded and reported. 

Business Storage Services  

Delivery Acceptance:

By providing the facility management with a key, customers can have packages delivered directly to their unit. When a package is received, the unit is opened, and the package is placed inside. Talk to facility management to have this set up for you or your business. 

Pack and Ship: Car and Motorcycle Storage

Not the most common feature, but still provided at a number of storage facilities. Pack and ship services will do as their name suggests: they will pack up what is requested and ship it to the associated address. Facilities that have a pack and ship center often have a separate area in the office for these services. If you are unsure if your facility offers this service, contact your facility manager for more details. 

Loading Dock: 

A special feature available for businesses, some facilities are equipped with loading docks for ease of access. Be sure to let the office know that you plan to use the dock and the hours you need it for to reserve the dock for your use. 


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