Should You Store Your Motorcycle in a Self Storage Unit?

If you own a motorcycle, you know how liberating it can be to hit the open road and feel the wind in your face as the road races by. However, unless you live in an area of the United States that’s perpetually warm, there will be certain times of year when riding isn’t possible, especially in the depths of a cold, wet winter. The question is, where do you store your motorcycle when you’re not using it?

You’re all set if you’re lucky and have the extra garage space. However, many motorcycle enthusiasts need a space to store their motorcycles. If that’s you, and you’re wondering if you should store your wheels in a self storage unit, the information below will give you the answers you need. They’re brought to you by Move It Storage, the self storage experts. Read on to discover them all and determine if storing your motorcycle in a self storage unit is a good idea.

What’s the Appeal of a Self Storage Unit for Your Motorcycle?

Storing your motorcycle inside a self storage unit offers several benefits and advantages, especially if you need more storage at home. First and foremost, a storage unit provides a very high level of security and safety for your motorcycle. Not only will it be protected from the weather, but it will also be protected from vandals, falling debris, bird droppings, and thieves.

Self storage units are also quite convenient. Most motorcycle storage facilities have keypad-controlled front entrances that make it easy to enter an exit and long hours that allow you to take out and put back your motorcycle when you like. Last but not least, a self storage unit provides a controlled environment for your motorcycle, which is essential for keeping it in excellent shape, long-term.

Do You Need Motorcycle Winter/Spring Storage?

Motorcycle covered in snow

If you don’t have a protected place to store your motorcycle at home during the winter or Spring, you risk exposing it to the season’s harsh elements, including snow, ice, rain, sleet, and so forth. That’s when winter motorcycle storage can be a huge plus.

Winter motorcycle storage is exactly the same as any other type of storage for motorcycles. The difference is simply that the storage unit protects from harsh weather that can wreak havoc on your motorcycle’s finish and complex mechanisms.

What about a Climate Controlled Storage Unit for Your Motorcycle?

Some storage facilities offer climate controlled storage units, which provide an extra level of protection for your motorcycle. The reason is that these units keep the temperature stable, preventing winter’s cold from damaging your motorcycle’s battery, seat, tires, and more. In other words, climate controlled storage units provide much more protection than a simple motorcycle cover. Speaking of which…

Should You Cover Your Motorcycle while it’s in a Storage Unit?

Motorcycle under a cover parked

As we’ve seen, a storage unit can provide more protection for your motorcycle than leaving it outdoors when you’re not riding. One question many folks have, however, is whether you should cover your motorcycle while it’s in a storage unit.

The answer is that, although not strictly necessary, a motorcycle cover does protect your motorcycle from dust and small bits of debris while in storage. If that’s important to you, then a motorcycle cover might be a good choice. However, a motorcycle cover in a quality storage facility might not be necessary.

Top Tips on How to Store a Motorcycle

If you’ve decided to store your motorcycle in a self storage unit, the following tips will come in handy and ensure your sweet ride stays in pristine condition while stored.

1. Clean and Dry Your Cycle Well

Person cleaning their motorcycle with a cloth

Before storing any vehicle, including a motorcycle, you should clean and dry it well. Leaving your motorcycle damp before storage can cause damage to certain motorcycle parts.

2. Change the Oil and Filter before Storing Your Motorcycle

It’s best to change the old oil in your motorcycle before long-term storage, as contaminants in it and the filter can damage your engine. Therefore, changing the oil and filter before storage is a great idea.

3. Fill Your Cycle’s Gas Tank

Filling your tank with fuel will prevent moisture from accumulating inside the tank and causing rust that can damage your motorcycle’s engine when you ride it again.

4. Remove the Battery and Place it on a Trickle Charger

Like other vehicles, your motorcycle’s battery can lose its charge when it sits for weeks or months. Therefore, a trickle charger is recommended to keep it in good condition. Since most storage units don’t provide electricity, you would need to remove the battery and put it on the trickle charger in your home or apartment.

5. Use Stands to Keep the Tires from Going Flat or Getting Flat Spots

A motorcycle that’s been sitting for weeks or months at a time can cause the tires to lose their integrity and performance and cause flats and flat spots. Placing your motorcycle on a motorcycle stand is a great idea to prevent that.

6. Use a Motorcycle Cover

We mentioned that using a motorcycle cover is unnecessary if you rent a storage unit. However, if you want the utmost protection, covering your motorcycle with a quality cover is never a bad idea.

Final Thoughts on Storing Your Motorcycle in a Self Storage Unit

There’s no doubt that storing your motorcycle in a self storage unit is a good decision. Not only will you have peace of mind, but your precious ride will be protected from everything, including the elements, theft, vandalism, etc.

Move It Storage offers safe, clean, and affordable motorcycle storage units where you can easily park and protect your motorcycle during the off-season. You can rent a storage unit from Move It Storage online when ready. Until then, we hope the information provided today has given you all the answers you were seeking!